Friday, June 6, 2008

Quests and Reputations for your 19 twink.

What is out there for a level 19 that can't be bought? What items must you have that can only be given as a reward for services rendered? What kind of experience are these quests going to add? What is the lowest level I can possibly complete this quest at? Are there quests in areas I wouldn't normally take my low level character that can be taken before level 19 that have rewards I must have? Are there reputation rewards usable by my character in higher level zones? All these questions I hope you have been thinking about as you plan out your twink.

There are some very nice items that can only be had for questing. Take for instance the Gravestone Scepter. This item comes from a quest you can take from a dead npc in Blackfathom Deeps. You have to be 18 to get this quest, and the item level is in the high 20's. Or, you warrior twinks out there, how about the Runic Darkblade? The item level is in the low 30's, and out paced all of the rare swords that a warrior could get on drops. Since the recent dungeon loot overhaul, this is just not worth the experience you have to spend to get it. The Battle of Hillsbrad quests are attainable by a level 19, and the experience gain from the quests alone is 15,600. Unless you absolutely have to have a sword, I'd go with Smite's Mighty Hammer, a little less damage per second, until you figure in the strength and agility that are added. Another item from that quest line does deserve a look, the Sacred Burial Trousers. No stamina and less intellect than the cloth twink favorite Darkweave Breeches, but look a that spell damage. I might plan carefully to run this quest chain, dead most of the way, with a high level escort.

Another very popular item that requires either some late late night camping or some very high level help is the Arena Grand Master trinket. In the Gurubashi arena, once every three hours Short John Mithril drops a chest in the middle for an all out free for all fight to see who gets the chest. In the chest are some greens and blues, and Arena Master , a trinket that gives stamina, but not usable until level 35. But, if somehow you are lucky enough to collect 12 of those babies, you can turn them in, earn a whopping 850 experience, and get the no level requirement trinket.

How about reputation? This item I have seen on only one twink warlock, and I know he did some big planning to get it. the Furbolg Medicine Pouch is an item you can purchase once honored with the Timbermaw. I'll let you all read how people managed to get the reputation needed on the link provided. The use effect doesn't work at level 19, but the 10 stamina is well worth the money and time invested.

If you have more experience points to spend than money, or for clothies that want 2 extra points of armor (whoa!), there is a quest to be had from killing the Alliance Outrunners in the Barrens. Leather wearing types can get Trailblazer Boots as a final reward from the quest chain (find a strong friend to help), and Cloth wearers have as a choice the Jutebraid Gloves, which are just slightly better than the cloth gloves that drop in Deadmines and Wailing Caverns. All Horde side should do the Leaders of the Fang quest for the weapon that can be had, on par with most twink level items, and the price is right. Alliance leather and mail wearers would be smart to pick up The Defias Brotherhood quest for the chest or pants. The staff, in my opinion, is really not worth it for PvP.

Do you know any other quests that are a must for the 19 twink? Add it to the comments!

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