Sunday, November 8, 2015

Uhhh, Hi There.

I've been gone a while. Sorry about that. I'm tired, in pain, stressed out, and worried. My house is destroyed, plumbing is breaking, appliances on the fritz, flooring worn out, paint peeling, and the yard is overgrown with weeds. There are too many bodies in this teeny house, and many of them are not contributing at a meaningful level, monetarily or through routine maintenance. My body is broken, too tired from fighting an illness I did not know I had to take care of the myriad things needed to fix the problems in this household. Hubby is working odd hours and contributes when he can. I'm playing hooky from work today, because even though  I could have probably managed to put away all the stock coming in today and serve a holiday meal, it would have laid me out for the rest of the day. (Yes, I wrote this last month, so sue me.)

So great!
I had big plans for going to Blizzcon and meeting up with people I only talk to in game, but life yanked that out from under me. I told the guy I sold the ticket to that I needed a new washer, which was part true. I would have gone anyway, packed pb&j and other cheap foodstuffs and refilled water bottles and such, but I was given some rough news a few weeks ago and rethought the intelligence of exposing myself to exotic strains of crud from all over the planet. So, I took the lighter risk of attending the Con Before the Storm (which was a bunch of fun!) after I sold my ticket, then went home and got a little sleep before putting in a day at work.I talked to Freckleface from Hearthcast for a bit before their show, said hi to Rewt, and I ran into Scott Johnson as he was leaving the WoWhead party, trying to find a faster way back to the other party to do his cast. Words were exchanged, but no selfies were taken. I also ran into Lilulicious (if you twitter with WoW players, you probably know her!) and again, no selfies. Maybe I should put hubby in charge of them, because I forget I have a camera.

Old lanyard, so I would blend in, sorta? But look at that arm candy!
Anyhow, I'm logged into WoW with my alliance banker sitting in the middle of the Exodar auction house. I just remembered that I logged her in to process a bunch of garbage from Halinka's sight seeing tour in the Ahn'Qiraj raids, plus some extra material from her bank. If I remember to run both bankers regularly, I might be able to get ahead enough to help friends out with game time. I've got a 2 month cushion now, with enough gold on my horde server to buy at least 2 more. If it weren't for the friends, I wouldn't play at all. I am bored to tears of my garrison, even festooned in webs and the air heavy with ghosts and spiders crunching underfoot.

Tuesday I meet with a surgeon to find out when I'll be having a thyroidectomy and how long I'll be out for. Timing is pretty clever, as it seems to be falling over Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas breaks. Good for the paycheck, bad for the festivities.

I keep putting this off, so I'm hitting the post button now. Mispellings, grammatical errors, and punctuation be damned, if I don't do it now noone will know, and I'll post some goofy story instead that makes people think I'm having plumbing problems  (which for once I am having, but that is a story for another day).

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God told us not to play video games and get sucked in. God told us not to sin. Video games are sin.