Saturday, June 20, 2015

Is This The Real Life? June Update.

No, it's just fantasy. I've been caught in a landslide, with no escape from reality. The whole song the last few sentences come from really are my life right now. I seem to be playing a lot of fantasy , but I am pulled away more by life. I want to be here, but reality keeps pulling me back in. It's summer break. Where's my "me" time?

OK, it's not me, but one of them is closely related. 
In the real world, there has been swimming and taxi service. That pretty much sums up the whole of my busyness in the real world. In my fantasy worlds, there has been a dab of WoW, a splash of Hearthstone, and a hefty scoop of Minecraft. I did manage to play about an hour of Fallout:New Vegas a couple of days ago and I plan to get into Fallout 3 as well, just to ready myself for the story of Fallout 4 when it hits. It sounds like a lot of escaping, right? I'd say roughly a third of my gaming time is actually spent away from my computer, checking on chore progress or tending to the needs of one of the other residents of this cracker box. Summer break is really only a break from the paid job of feeding kids. I'm still doing all the same stuff here, on a smaller, more demanding scale.

Stopping to smell the flowers.
In WoW, the pace has been rather slow. During the year I have little time to raid, and that leaves me behind everyone else. Sure, my garrison kept me in gear, but I've lost out on practicing fights, so I haven't asked to join in the raiding fun yet. Delgada has been lazily running dungeons for transmog and mounts. I have found a new project, which I will be posting about at length (2-3 posts) after this post. I've been slowly working on my newest 100, Racy, and Carlatta is still sitting at 98, collecting experience points from garrison missions when I remember to log her in. Bryonia is still raking in the gold, and I have bought one token, extending my current subscription to October. I figure that I will invest in one a month, that way I stay way ahead of my paid end date, leaving me a cushion in case my gold supply dwindles.

Angry chicken!
In Hearthstone, I have hit rank 13, but keep falling back below 15. I'm about halfway to having a golden hunter. I've managed to collect all the common and rare cards, and am slowly working my way to having the rest. I was crafting the epics as I had the dust, but I decided I might as well save my dust until I could make a legendary.  I crafted Ysera about a week or so ago. Which one should I craft next? I still don't have a Dr Boom, Ragnaros, Alexstrasza or a Sylvanas. I have collected all the monthly card backs, and the next one I need to get is the one from Heroes of the Storm. That would mean I would have to actually play, though.

A rollercoaster. My kids have been busy.
In Minecraft, I have rented a server. The kids and a few guild friends and I have been building a village and exploring. Too much fun! Well, until I go off on my own, get lost and die to a million zombies and a creeper. Then, lost and confused, I cannot find my things, like that cool diamond sword I crafted, and I cry for all the lost experience points. Then, I get to level 35 with a new sword, and someone opens a pit into hell in my yard and I lose everything, again. I am so frustrated, but I'm having fun! This game is brutal.

That is what I have been up to. I hope your summer is less hectic than mine! Tell me, have you explored new worlds lately? I'd love to hear of your travels!

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