Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rogue Zoo Deck

I am finding I like my games to be fast in Hearthstone.  Like my shaman deck, this deck is full of low cost, low health minions, BUT, it's a rogue deck, which means it has combos. Combos are fun! I have some cards that act like combos in here too, because they are fun! Fun is really all I am after, and this deck really gives me some giggles, win or lose. Here, let me show you my latest loss.

2 Mountain Giants and a Molten Giant? Save, or strategy?

Wow. I'm not super high on the ladder (rank 20 represent!), but even so I am seeing some great combinations. Frothing Berserker and Whirlwind on my 5th turn was really damaging. Here's the shameful look at that loss.

He had already hit me for 11 with the same Frothing Berserker. OUCH!

These are both reasons to stop playing my zoo decks. But I love them!!  Here are some more reasons not to play babies without some protection.

Forever Young. Mages are cruel.
Guess the secret?  
I may not have got to keep all those cute little babies with fun quirks, but they were fun while they were out!  Here is my deck list.

The name is silly, I know. It's "on crack" because I managed to get my hands on two Headcrack spells., and thought to myself, "Self, a combo driven rogue deck would be so fun!" By turn 3, if I have a zero pip card, I am tossing it in at every opportunity. The fun part happens when I have both in my hand. If I get to turn 7, which by then they are either really close to dead or it is a loss, I can toss out a 1 pip minion and ping them twice. It plays even better if a Kobold Geomancer or two is up for extra damage.

So, there you have it, my fun for the week. You'll find me struggling to get past 18, with or without this deck. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Until then, I'm ShawndraKai#1996, and hope to hear from some of you in game!

After a little thought, I decided Sap(2) and the Argent Squire(1) were not necessary, but Shadowstep(1) and Backstab(2) were.  Your mileage may vary :D

The day after I wrote this I bought a pack and got an SI:7 Agent. Why would I not want this one in my hand? So I replaced one of my Sunfury Protectors. I think this is a better card, due to the combo, because, rogues play combos, and this is a cheap card. YAY!

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coolbetty said...

i agree, win or lose this game can be really fun :)