Sunday, March 16, 2014

But...I Want It Now!

Queen of da Ogres.

Halinka got a new robe early last week, and is already tired of it. There was nobody on in her guild to do anything with, so she went shopping, and found a great shirt.  Of course, you can't buy a shirt and not try and get matching everything to go with it. So, she sent me off to WoWhead to find out if it was part of a set and it is.  There is always a catch, though, isn't there? This set is looted from, with a lot of luck, from a few rares in Outland with a few pieces available from vendors.  In order to get this set completely, Halinka is going to have to get in good with Ogres, Ethereals, and Flyboys.  Here's a comment I pulled off of WoWhead that really explains the amount of work involved in getting this set:

Ugh.  Still, Halinka was on a mission, and decided to pal around with the Ogres. I think I remember her saying something about lots of beer and great parties.  She would know, they were neighbors once, right? So, she pulled together something that will do until she gets the right pieces and headed out to Blade's Edge.

How she move like dat?
She looks alright.  It's no Windchanneler's Regalia, but what do you want for less than 500 gold? Here's what she put together.

  • Shoulderpads of Absolution - there was nothing great on the auction house, and she had these in her storage. If something else presents itself before the long road to the shoulders is complete, I'll edit this post.
  • Windchanneler's Tunic - The shirt of dreams! The reason we are on this trip in the first place.
  • Regal Cuffs - the colors match the shirt perfectly.  With the gloves listed below, the bracers really needed to match.
  • Regal Gloves - Again, colors are almost a perfect match, so much so that if I never get the set items, I won't complain.
  • Silver-Thread Sash - the lines on this belt match the lines on the pants that follow.  If only the shirt had silver accents instead of gold!  From the waist down it's almost like half of another transmog. 
  • Exiled Dabbler's Leggings - Such a shame to cover up some of the pants in the game! But these are not the star of this outfit. 
  • Voldrune Slippers - these were the least expensive of about 5 different options available on the auction house.
  • Ethereum Life-Staff - another place holder from Halinka's closet. She doesn't remember who she was with when she got this. My friend from work or the OLRG (I really need to hang out with those people more. They are having way too much fun without me!) had some role in her having the shoulders mentioned first and this staff. If the non-glowy part of this weapon wasn't more purple than gold, it would be a shoe-in.
While she was starting out her paths to unlocking this set, she did some more window shopping in Area 52, and decided that she will have to put her carefully manicured hooves into the battlegrounds to earn a few of the outfits she saw there. I guess there could be worse ways to interest a girl in fighting for her faction. 

Where do you draw the line when you are trying to get the perfect transmog piece?  Mine seems to lie about the same place as most anything in the game for me.  If my attention can drift away and not cause a huge obstacle to getting the item, then I'm in.  So, no flex, regular or heroic raiding, no arenas, and no soloing old content unless it's around the same difficulty as the Timeless Isle. Tell me about your transmog threshold in the comments!

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