Saturday, February 8, 2014


It was sparkling, which means ,"PICK THIS UP!" in game terms. I'm not bad, am I?

Delgada is working on achievements, and today she was working on finishing the Riches of Pandaria.  She didn't finish it, through no fault of this great guide on Wowhead. If the items had been there, she would have picked them up, and she did get several.  We'll finish tomorrow, she says, while she is hunting rares for the Glorious! achievement. Oh, and picking up the laundry, er, gloves for her transmog she left behind on the Serpent's Spine.  I digress.  Where I was I headed?

Oh!  Well, shiny things are tempting, aren't they?  Sometimes picking something up has circumstances.  There is a bag of coins you can pick up in Pawdon Village in the Jade Forest at a burial shrine that is not part of the achievement. Right after you loot it, you get a de-buff called Chastised that lasts an hour. I didn't think anything of it, and sent Delgada on her merry little way digging for artifacts and picking up the things left behind by the denizens of Pandaria.  I never even noticed that there was something wrong.  Blame it on always being in shadow form if you must.  I got to the shrine and noticed that my mount seemed off.  I was riding my Twilight Drake and thought to myself, "He looks more like a midnight drake.". 


Not so colorful anymore.

Sha-touched ram.
 I would love to have something in game that can change my priest and mounts and pets (sadly, they remained unchanged) into shades of grey.  I think it more suited to my shadow priest than swirling purple mist.

In other news, my friends emptied their toy boxes all over the shrine tonight.  We rode sandbox tigers and talked to ghost magi. We tried to a annihilate turnip punching bag and let out all sorts of wildlife. We threw masks at each other and transformed into many different forms.  I left them dancing.

Set on fire by the Wickerman, or by his creaky dance moves? You decide.

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