Thursday, December 25, 2008

Slow Christmas Eve

Hubby and I did Winter Veil quests tonight. Nothing special to report. The Greench is as mean as ever, but we downed him with one level 70 Frostbolt and one level 80 Holy Fire. Metzen was released from his pen in the Searing Gorge. Greatfather Winter was given his milk and cookies. I brewed some egg nog and hot apple cider. Next, to find a group to do a few instances so I can get my winter hat. My outfit just isn't complete without it. Oh, and I plan on hitting Ironforge before the festivities are over to get my Red Winter Clothes pattern. Apparently, a goblin will sell to ANYONE!

I just glanced at my husbands monitor, and there is quite the crowd hovering just under the branches of the christmas tree. No presents yet!

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