Friday, May 16, 2008


If you have taken a few minutes to check my profile, you can see why escapism is an appropriate title for my little corner of the internet here. At this very minute, I am trying to escape talking to at least three of my children. In the background the sounds of ground beef spitting and sizzling compete with my 2 year olds protests at having food taken from her, and the pasta water is bubbling gently away. The washer gurgles, and they dryer hums monotonously. Two of the girls are fighting over whether one of them is a crybaby or not.

In the time it took to write that, I have popped out of my seat at least 5 times to check dinner, shoo a couple of girls out of the kitchen, (I'm at 7 now), stirred the ground beef again, wiped the yogurt hand print off my back, and helped find a wii mote. Here I go, number eight, back with more random ramblings.....

With the spaghetti noodles now married to the meat sauce, and the garlic cheese bread in the oven, I think I have time for my random musing of the day. My husband received a call last night from GameStop to go pick up his Age of Conan Special Edition package. He always has to get the special edition of any game he plans on playing for more than 5 minutes, and he must reserve it months in advance, and pick it up the minute it hits the store sales floor. We only have one large station wagon (It seats 9, I need nine seats, I use more than half of them 75% of the time. Let's not get into the gas guzzling discussion.), and he has to go get it while I am at work. So, he packs up my two elementary age kiddos and the toddler, and he starts his journey. Drop wife off at work....check. Drop brats off at school...check. Hover anxiously in front of GameStop entrance until manager grudgingly opens doors 5 minutes early to get rid of stalker....check. Waste time meandering around Target until wife is almost done at work...check. Make wife sit in back seat because moving special edition pc game might cause a rift in the space time continuum...check. Rush home to set game carefully on desk, while wife manages apron, purse, keys, toddler, and closes all open car doors...check. Stare longingly at game he cannot play until get the idea.

I didn't buy a special edition of World of Warcraft, or of The Burning Crusade expansion. Sure, I think it's the best thing since sliced bread, but I probably won't rush out and stand in lines to get the Wrath of the Lich King Special Edition expansion package either, because that's just not me. I'll pre-order, but I'll get the regular edition. I like the game for the freedom from children (mostly), the adult company, and the thrill that I am doing something that a lot of people in my situation are not; being semi successful at a video game. My crowning achievement this year? "Check it out! The lunch lady has a level 70 warrior on World of Warcraft!"

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