Friday, June 26, 2009

Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched...

This evening was an exercise in frustration for me and 4 others, as we beat ourselves silly on the invisible barrier barring us from entering Scholomance. We tried all sorts of things. We tried disbanding and regrouping with a different leader. We tried disbanding and trying to get one person in. We tried sitting around and randomly taking runs at the portal. Noone contacted a game master, that I am aware of. Finally, as they were deciding to run Ramparts instead, I burst through the impenetrable shield and stood looking at skeletal guards and fantastic candelabra. I was in Scholomance at last.

I love this instance. The look inside is my absolute favorite. The candles, the oriental rugs, the wrought iron gates, the stonework, the books...all the things I'd love to have surrounding me. The skeletons and creepy spellcasters can vacate my palace anytime.

Once inside, our group, consisting of a paladin, a druid, a death knight, and my priest, Halinka, proceeded to decimate the place. I got a little to close a few times (forgot how low level she is), and died. Thank goodness we had 2 other people who could resurrect. Having to wait over half an hour to get in was well worth it, as we were able to get down all the normal bosses. We didn't get all the way downstairs, and we didn't summon the messenger, and we didn't aggro the entire student body. But, our friend near the alchemy lab was about ready to visit a lady conjurer, it seems, because he had this in his pocket:

Isn't it lovely? I also got a new hat that doesn't quite match, so I won't bother you with the details. This robe should help Halinka grind out her Wintersaber Trainers reputation in style.

Back to the point of this post. I'm reading a thread on this issue. Blizzard says this is happening only during peak periods, and I have noticed this happening only in Azeroth. I have never had a problem getting into an Outland instance or a Northrend instance. Are they hosted on different servers? I don't know. The thread I am currently browsing through is pretty heated, with a few posting helpful information for the game masters to pass on, and many just getting angry and not helping to solve the situation. I posted our problem on page 79.

Have you had any problems getting into instances lately? Let Blizzard know, or just post your thoughts below!


Erinys said...

Happens quite a lot on my server at peak times. I've encountered it whilst trying to run Stratholme (the original version), Karazhan and some Northrend heroics.Usually when large quantities of the opposing faction are waiting to do the same instance. Ah the joys of PvP servers :p

Anonymous said...

Hm... I can't say that I've had that happen to me. I also can't say that I've been running many Azeroth instances so much it might present a problem either, haha.

Hope things work smoothly from here on out.

Shawndra said...

@Erinys - Yes...PvP servers definitely are more fun when you can't get into an instance and you have friends with you. I don't pvp much, so when this is generally when I get my honor kills.

@holydiscipline - You have been very fortunate.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. It's so nice to have company!

Leiandra said...

While I don't have a link, I believe I read that there's a type of priority to instance servers. Raids get #1 priority, followed by Northrend instances, then Outlands, and then finally Azeroth. I'm not sure where instances like Culling of Stratholme or Black Morass fall in that priority list.

I've had all of those types give that error at one time or another. And not just on weekends. I'm sure Blizzard is tracking that stuff. Not sure if they'll fix it, but knowing technology, I'm sure they already know.

Shawndra said...

Just today I saw this:

I know it's the European side of things, but hopefully they are also looking at this on our side of the ocean :)